Terms and conditions

The following conditions govern all ticket bookings made through the Wippi Box Office. Anyone who makes a reservation through the Wippi Box Office is presumed to have freely accepted these conditions.

1. Children 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult.

2. A family consists of 1 or 2 adults accompanied by children 12 years old and under.

3. Dogs are accepted on the boat, but they must be clean, always kept on a leash and under the supervision of their guardians. The guardian of an animal must immediately clean, by all appropriate means, any place soiled by the fecal deposits left by their animal and must dispose of it in a hygienic manner. For this purpose, the guardian must have in his possession the necessary equipment.

4. No waste should be left on the boat.

5. Smoking is prohibited on the boat and within a 9-meter radius of the boat.

6. Consumption of cannabis is prohibited on the boat and within 9 meters of the boat.

7. In addition, the possession, sale and/or consumption of illegal substances (drugs) is strictly prohibited on the boat under penalty of expulsion (without refund or compensation) and/or prosecution.

8. It is strictly forbidden to be in possession of alcoholic drinks on the boat and/or cannabis. Anyone who shows signs of intoxication (impaired) and/or having disturbing behavior may be denied access to the boat and/or be expelled without refund or compensation. (Law No. 157: An Act Respecting Cannabis)

9. Anyone with an unpleasant behavior could be removed from the boat. Access may also be denied for an indefinite period.

10. Aggressive behavior is strictly prohibited. All assaults, hateful, threatening and/or violent acts or deeds will not be tolerated, under penalty of expulsion without reimbursement, compensation and/or prosecution.

11. Indecent behavior is strictly prohibited, under penalty of expulsion without refund or compensation and/or prosecution.

12. Boat employees are not responsible for lost or stolen items. They are not responsible for personal items left unattended.

13. No refund except in case of cancellation by us due to bad weather or force majeure.